"THIS ISNT JUST A BANK HEIST....THIS IS WAR" - Official tag line

Police Warfare logo

Police Warfare is a large scale multiplayer upcoming first-person shooter being developed by Elastic Games and a combination of veterans from companies such as Activison, Ubisoft, Electronic Artsand Epic Games. It puts players in the pair of the special S.W.A.T teams or as robbers. The game is based on real life bank heist events.

The developers of this game have worked on games such as Assassain's Creed II, Crysis 2, Grand Theft Auto IV and Gears of War, Police Warfare's Kikstarter has stopped being funded recently however a quote from Elastic Games mentions this not to be the end of Police Warfare and it will continue development.



  • Assault
  • Sniper
  • Support


Confirmed weapons:



The lead designer of Police Warfare James Wearing has share some of the gameplay mechanics of the game, according to him the game has been in development for about 8 months and we can expect to see very good animations such as the reloading animation which looks very realistic, other gameplay mechanics include the ability to drive vehicles such as S.W.A.T Vans, getaway cars and helicopters. A very interesting mechanic is the ability to rappel off a building or a helicopter, the game also introduces ground drones, tasers and car bombs.




  • Police Warfare was originally a fan idea for a Call of Duty game.
  • An intuitive rappel system will be included for rappelling down buildings and off helicopters.
  • It is said to have Battlefield style maps with teamwork based gameplay from games such as Rainbow Six.